Digital Learning Resources

Content Development Tools

Camtasia (Fee-Based)

Camtasia is an industry leader in screen recording and presentation creation. Licenses are available for purchase through the USF computer store. Alternatively, you may book one of our faculty workspaces equipped with Camtasia and all the necessary equipment for creating presentations. Camtasia is relatively easy to learn but we do recommend enrolling in our fully online workshop, Camtasia Foundations.


Kaltura is a media hosting platform for you to create, store, and present video, audio, and images. Instructors can create custom content (using simultaneous inputs from video/screen/audio/ annotation), embed quiz questions directly into video content, include chapter divisions, create playlists, and monitor student viewing activity through powerful analytics. Captions with interactive transcripts are automatically generated. We have created a li

Audacity (Free)

Audacity is a program for recording and editing audio files. If you are not familiar with audio editing programs we recommend that you email us to schedule a training session.


Creating a Flip Assignment Flip is a video discussion platform where instructors can post topics and students can respond with short videos, increasing creativity and student engagement.


Padlet is a digital bulletin board where students can create and share digital content.

Canvas Commons

Canvas Commons provides shared content and templates to use within your Canvas Course.

Content Creation Tips

As we find useful tips to use when creating your content, you can access them here.