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Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams is available for all active Faculty, Staff, and Students. Faculty can use Teams to facilitate synchronous instruction as well as creating a Class Team to facilitate collaboration between students. The following tutorials will help you to set up and use MS Teams for your synchronous session needs.

Microsoft Teams Essentials

Following are some of the basics for working with Teams.

During the Meeting

Review the following tips for faculty and students when conducting Teams sessions, including lighting, background, attire, and more.

Communication Tools

Following are tutorials to make sure communication is at its best during your Teams sessions.

Using Breakout Rooms

Use Microsoft Breakout Rooms to break students into small groups during class meetings. You can keep the groups consistent during the session or move participants between rooms. Only meeting organizers using the desktop versions of Teams (Windows or Mac) can create and manage breakout rooms.

Collaborating with Teams

Microsoft Teams allows collaboration among members through channels and document sharing. It also offers a Class notebook that allows for instructor/student collaboration and sharing. See the following tutorials to learn more.

Working with Teams Recordings

All recorded Teams sessions are hosted in the Microsoft OneDrive platform. The following will show you how to access your recorded Teams sessions from OneDrive, how to share sessions, and how to restrict viewer permissions.


Microsoft Teams does not provide captioning for recording. However, MS Teams DOES do live captioning during the meeting. The following tutorials show you how to create captions and use Live Captions.

Creating a Canvas Integrated Class Team

Integrate your Canvas course with a Microsoft Class Team and keep your roster synced between the two.

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