Academic Programs



Some courses are restricted due to pre-requisite requirements or class standing (sophomore, junior, etc.) requiring permission (or a permit) to register.  In some cases you will see a message in Student Schedule Search indicating a permit is required.  Or you will receive an error message stating "Pre-Reg/Test Score Error," or "Class Restriction." For more information on permits university-wide, please use this link: 

Undergraduate Studies Permit Request Form

For courses not listed above in the UGS Permit Rquest Form, please email or call the contact below or complete the form (include your name, UID, and course information, including the 5-digit CRN when emailing).

Academic Foundations: 

  • IDS 2378 Foundations of Interdisciplinary Knowledge and Inquiry
  • SLS 1101 The University Experience
  • SLS 2901 Academic Foundations Seminar
  • SLS 3275 Student Leadership on Campus

Army ROTC: 

  • Courses with the following prefixes: MSL and NSC

Airforce ROTC: 

  • AFR 2001 Airforce Leadership Laboratory

BSAS/BGS Senior Capstone: 

  • IDS 4934 Senior BSAS/BGS Capstone

Office of High Impact Practices and Undergraduate Research

Office of Veterans Success:

  • SLS 3407 Strategies for Veterans Success
  • SLS 3308 Job Search (for veterans only)

Internship: permit form 

  • IDS 3947 Internship

Leadership Studies: 

  • LDR 2010 Leadership Fundamentals
  • LDR 4104 Theories of Leadership
  • LDR 4204 Ethics & Power
  • LDR 3363 Team Dynamics
  • LDR 4230 Global Leadership
  • Any course with an LDR prefix, excluding LDR 3301 

Job Search: Undergraduate Studies Permit Request Form

  • SLS 3308 Job Search 

Tampa Electric (TECO) Courses (TECO students only):