Curriculum Team

Curriculum Team


The UGS Curriculum Team supports student success by providing quality assistance to faculty, staff, and administration for curricular changes, using technology and responsive processes to facilitate those changes.  The team also provides trustworthy and accessible curricular information via the Undergraduate catalog to current and prospective members of the USF Community and the global academic community.


  • Maintain an accurate central database of curricular and course information.
  • Produce a current, accurate, student-friendly, and accessible catalog to ensure student success.
  • Facilitate the submission and processing of current course and program enhancements as well as new course and program proposals.
  • Be a strong partner to other stakeholders in curricular processes.

What we do

The Undergraduate Studies Curriculum team provides support for the following initiatives:

Team Members

Group picture

  • Lorene Hall-Jennings, Assistant Director
  • Ali Mrani Alaoui, Technology and Systems Analyst

Contact info

The curriculum team can be contacted by email at