About Archivum

What is Archivum?

Sidney Fernandes, USF CIO - QuoteArchivum is highly accessible, mobile-friendly, and most of all, it delivers! It is the landing ground for numerous applications and programs, all of which work to support USF’s community better than ever. Administrative tasks have become digitized and streamlined through this new method. Common tasks like requesting an advisory change, or putting in an official travel request are quicker, simpler, and more efficient than ever.

Easy collaboration is an integral benefit of Archivum, as both faculty/staff and students access the system. People, systems, and processes now have a venue to interact with one another without complication.

The digitalization of all of the administrative processes of USF makes efficiency well within reach. Things are instant, and they’re mobile. Archivum can be accessed through any device, and implementation of a digital app makes things just that much more accessible.

Here’s a breakdown of some of the great things about Archivum that we know you’ll love. Take a look at and decide for yourself:

  • Archivum is highly flexible. If something needs to be changed, added, or removed, no worries! Archivum has your back.
  • Archivum makes it easier to complete the administrative tasks required to support our students - which improves their quality of life and quality of education.
  • Archivum lowers the potential for errors that are associated with manual entry on paper forms. Using the fully-online and mobile Archivum, the University avoids the previously inevitable loss of documents!
  • With real-time monitoring and analytics, processes can be tweaked to better serve the users.
  • With frequent deployments of additions to the platform, Archivum will only continue to get better and better.