Code of Ethics



The Ombuds, as an informal resource, does not participate in any formal adjudicative or administrative procedure related to concerns brought to his/her attention.+

The Ombuds Office supplements all related, formal channels to raise appropriate issues. The Ombuds Office does not formally investigate issues, create policy, compel action, make management decisions, and does not adjudicate or arbitrate claims.

The Ombuds Office is not authorized to receive "notice" of claims against USF. Contacting the Ombuds Office is not the same as reporting an issue to the University and does not give or impute notice of issues to USF. The acceptance of formal notice or claims against USF is a function fulfilled by multiple formal channels.  The Ombuds Office can and will refer those wishing to place USF on notice to the appropriate office, including Human Resources, Diversity Inclusion & Equal Opportunity, University Audit & Compliance or others.

Just as the University does not tolerate retaliation against any employee for making good faith reports of actual or suspected violations or concerns, USF will not tolerate any retaliation by a supervisor or employee against another employee for contacting the Ombuds Office nor will it tolerate retaliation against the Ombuds.

Anyone who believes they were retaliated against for accessing or using the Ombuds Office may contact the Ombuds directly.