The USF Ombuds Office accomplishes our mission through our essential Core Values of:

1)  Professionalism:  Committed to highest standards and best outcomes.

2)  Fairness:  Trustworthy while facilitating constancy in integrity.

3)  Empowerment:  Compassionately connecting visitor concerns with opportunities
     for success.

4)  Collaboration: Respectfully encouraging inclusive collegial teamwork and sharing
      insights and trends.

The thread that ties our Values together with our Mission is their direct relationship to our established professional ethics stated in the IOA Code of Ethics.  Professionalism, by definition, entails maintaining a high degree of professional standards, credentials and accountability as fostered by our ethic of independence.  Our commitment to the neutral ethic of informality enables us to facilitate resolutions that empower the mutual success of our Visitors and the University alike.  Similarly, the covenant of confidentiality is essential to building trust and maintaining fairness.  Finally, the collaboration that we facilitate is rooted in respectful and inclusive communications aimed at putting inherent role-based conflict to work strengthening the bonds that knit high-performance teams and encouraging them to work with impartiality across existing formal lines of demarcation such as separately accredited institutions, reporting lines and budget silos.

Ombuds Circles