Starting in Spring - Transfer

Dates & Schedule

Student Live Synchronous Orientation Session Dates & Schedule at a Glance

We commit that students will leave Orientation feeling prepared to confidently begin their USF experience. Please note that some details are subject to change due to time and location constraints.

Date  Schedule at A Glance
December 13  Schedule
December 15  Schedule
December 16  Schedule
January 5  Schedule
January 6  Schedule
January 7 (optional, in-person event) Schedule


Families and guests of incoming USF Transfer students will be given the option to register for a supplemental Family and Guest virtual Orientation experience. Like the student Orientation experience, the family and guest experience will include access to asynchronous content to be viewed at the family or guest’s own pace via Canvas catalog.  They will also have access to a Live Synchronous Orientation session, in addition to the option to attend the Friday, January 7 in-person event as well.

Date  Schedule at A Glance
December 17 (virtual) Schedule
January 7 (in-person) Schedule