Meet Our Alumni


The University of South Florida is pleased to announce its 2023 inductees into Phi Beta Kappa. These accomplished students and their major(s) are listed below.

2024 Inductees

Student Major(s)
Tehami Ammad Biomedical Sciences & Philosophy
Natalie AmRhein Biology and Environmental Science & Policy
Eva Austin Environmental Science & Policy
Catherine Bricker Cell & Molecular Biology and World Languages & Cultures (French)
Sasha Brown Biology and World Languages & Cultures (Spanish)
Nicholas Brunetti Biomediecal Sciences
Emma Burdick Chemistry
Neige Deangelis Music Studies & Biomediecal Sciences
Carleena Michelle Deforges Environmental Science & Policy
Gabriela Demeglio Psychology
Varun Dhaka Biomedical Sciences and World Languages & Cultures (Spanish)
Ayslin Edwards Environmental Science & Policy and World Languages & Cultures (Spanish)
Shae-Lynn Gibbs Language, Speech, & Hearing Sciences
Kayleigh Gonzalez Biology
Sarai Guzman Cartagena Interdisciplinary Social Sciences
Zachary Jacobson Mathematics
Rahul Jain Biomedical Sciences
Kavery Kallichanda Biomedical Sciences
Claudia Laux Psychology
Ruth Liu Health Sciences and World Languages & Cultures (Spanish)
Jose Masso Maldonado Biomedical Sciences
Morgan Mathews Environmental Science & Policy
Adam Nigels Biology
Joseph Pereira Health Science
Brandon Pham Biomedical Sciences
Sasha Post Cell & Molecular Biology
Ishali Rajguru Health Sciences
Hasan Raza Economics and Biomedical Sciences
Megan Reddy Biomedical Sciences
Dora Rodriguez Biomedical Sciences and World Languages & Cultures (Spanish)
Jeremy Rutter Biomedical Computer Science
Sierra Smith Civil Engineering
Lily Smith Psychology
Deeksha Sridher Biomedical Sciences
Kaitlin Strawn History
Joshua Szabo Biology
Guillermo Trastoy Biology and Psychology
Otilia Trejo-Soto Psychology
Joshua Vilgorin Psychology
Christopher Vo Health Sciences
Lindsay Wilson Language, Speech, & Hearing Sciences
Nora Wolfgang Biomedical Anthropology
Lingxi Zhou Computer Science
Ethan Cross Zulueta Biomedical Sciences and World Languages & Cultures (Spanish)

 The University of South Florida would also like to recognize previous classes inducted into Phi Beta Kappa, which are listed below.

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