Meet Our Alumni

2022 PBK Class

The University of South Florida is pleased to announce its 2022 inductees into Phi Beta Kappa. These accomplished students and their major(s) are listed below.

2022 Inductees

Student Major(s)
Corinne Albano Biomedical Science; World Languages and Cultures
Isabella Allan                                       Psychology
Madison Bouthillette Biomedical Sciences
Deanna Bowman International Relations
Taylor Brackett Health Sciences
Alexis Brandt Communication Sciences and Disorders; Psychology
Marley Burwell English; World Languages and Cultures
Adelaide Capion Chemistry; Mathematics
Madilyn Carney Environmental Microbiology; Communication
Christina Coleman Biomedical Sciences
Shannon Cousineau Mechanical Engineering
Kerri Davis Behavioral Healthcare
Caitlyn Deam Cell and Molecular Biology; Criminology
Beatriz De Faria Sousa Psychology; Biomedical Sciences
Summer Devlin Biology; World Languages and Cultures
Kristen Dunavant Behavioral Healthcare; Psychology
Chyanne Eaton Biomedical Sciences; World Languages and Cultures
Brooke Fasano Cell and Molecular Biology
Robert Gasperino World Languages and Cultures
Andrew-Paul Griffis Economics; Political Science
Benjamin Kailes Biomedical Sciences
Ashley Kent International Relations
Lauren Klima Environmental Science and Policy; Criminology
Vincent Kroll Women’s and Gender Studies; Sociology
Emma Lowery World Languages and Cultures
Sana Lulu Biomedical Sciences
David Lytle Biomedical Sciences
Brandon Mahoney Psychology
Nelaine Malcolm Communication Sciences and Disorders; World Languages and Cultures
Roxanna Masso-Maldonado Biomedical Sciences
Mathew Mattamana Biomedical Sciences
Madeline Mccullen Behavioral Healthcare
John Meeks Computer Science; Mathematics
Alexander Mercier Mathematics; Microbiology
Tia Moriarty World Languages and Cultures
Maryfaith Ocampo Biomedical Sciences
Krupa Patel Cell and Molecular Biology
Vrunda Patel Biomedical Sciences
Yash Patel Biomedical Sciences
Payton Ray Biomedical Sciences
Anna Ress Political Science
Haylee Richter Chemistry
Michael Roberts Biomedical Sciences
Lindsay Rodriguez Political Science
Sarah Schellhase Biomedical Engineering
Rebecca Schverak  Psychology; Communication Sciences and Disorders
Casey Stringer Psychology
Sienna Tolomay Psychology
Benito Traversa  Biomedical Sciences
Jamie Warner  Biomedical Sciences
John Whelan  Health Sciences
Kacey Wood  Criminology
Kaitlyn Yates  Cell and Molecular Biology

 The University of South Florida would also like to recognize previous classes inducted into Phi Beta Kappa, which are listed below.

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