Meet Our Alumni


The University of South Florida is pleased to announce its 2023 inductees into Phi Beta Kappa. These accomplished students and their major(s) are listed below.

2023 Inductees

Student Major(s)
Lucia Andrews Psychology, Biomedical Sciences
Emilia Araoz World Languages & Cultures
Kelsey Barton Studio Art
Elizabeth Beatty Psychology
Madison Bonaventura Psychology
Madeline Brand Interdisciplinary Social Sciences
Ginelle Brown World Languages & Cultures
Rufei Chen Biomedical Sciences
Thalia Crespo Parron Biomedical Sciences
Krisztian Cseh Anthropology, Accounting
David Ditz Biomedical Sciences, Psychology
Avery Fleishman Biomedical Sciences
Jessica Fueyo Political Science
Jason Giese History, World Languages & Cultures
Sarah Harding Communication
Bridget Hartung Environmental Science and Policy
Jessica Heintz Biomedical Sciences
Truman Hoang Political Science
Leah Hoopes Sociology
Anna Jablonska Biomedical Sciences
Manuela Jaramillo Biomedical Sciences
Bethany Jowers Biomedical Sciences, World Languages & Cultures
Christian Kaplan Biomedical Sciences
Heaven Knox Psychology
Elizaveta Kuzmina International Relations, Economics
Mikayla Leaf Biology
Karina Lowyns Biology, Psychology
Mikayla Maiorino Psychology, World Languages & Cultures
Suhaas Mandala Biomedical Sciences
Gayathri Mannem Biomedical Sciences
Myles McCants Political Science
Kaylie Miller Biomedical Sciences, Psychology
Sophia Montejo Psychology
Connor Murray Psychology, Health Sciences
Corey Naftaniel Psychology
Kavita Parbhoo Cellular and Molecular Biology
Ankit Patel Biomedical Sciences, Sociology
Frances Perez Microbiology
Daelyn Quinn Cellular and Molecular Biology, World Languages & Cultures
Maria Quintana Goicoechea Biomedical Sciences
Angitha Reji Biomedical Sciences, World Languages & Cultures
Payton Richardson Communication
Jasmine Robins Biomedical Sciences
Myriam Gabriela Rodriguez International Relations, Anthropology
Christian Sabbagh Biomedical Sciences, Political Science
Sammie Schulman Integrated Public Relations, Advertising
Andersen Shigo Biomedical Sciences
Grace Sinclair Psychology
Kaleb Smallwood Geology
Kailyn Smith Biomedical Sciences, Psychology
Matthew Stoner Computer Science and Engineering
Ashlee Torres English
Lauren Trumbull Integrative Biology
Nafisa Uddin Biomedical Sciences, International Relations

 The University of South Florida would also like to recognize previous classes inducted into Phi Beta Kappa, which are listed below.

Class of 2022

Class of 2021

Class of 2020

Class of 2019