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Institutional Biosafety (IBC) BiosafetyNet Applications

Welcome to the USF BiosafetyNet - the Click Safety Electronic Resources Page. Here you will find resources to familiarize yourself with the new ARC Portal BiosafetyNet system and everything it has to offer.

USF faculty, researchers and staff will now electronically complete and submit their IBC protocols online. These submissions will be done via an electronic system, BiosafetyNet. BiosafetyNet is located within the Research Integrity & Compliance (RIC), Applications for Research Compliance (ARC) platform: Go to BiosafetyNet. New IBC protocols submitted on paper will no longer be accepted.

NOTE: IBC protocols that were originally approved on paper prior to December 31, 2017, will continue to use paper submissions for continuing reviews and amendments.

Prior to submitting your first BiosafetyNet application, you must first request an ARC account, unless you already have one. This is a simple process:

  • Request an ARC Account in the ARC Portal.
  • Questions regarding ARC registration can be directed to 974-2880 or by email.
  • Upon completing ARC registration, a new application to the BiosafetyNet may be drafted.

Common BiosafetyNet Application Format

  • A single, common BiosafetyNet IBC application format is used for proposing all study types involving rDNA, Infectious agents, biological toxins, and Select Agents/Toxins.

Assistance in completing your BiosafetyNet smart form

Need Help? If you need help completing a BiosafetyNet application, or assistance in incorporating suggested revisions to your draft BiosafetyNet application, contact the Biosafety Office

Research Integrity and Compliance understands that any new software application can be somewhat intimidating at first and therefore will do our best to make this transition as easy and convenient as possible for you.

Your ongoing feedback will help enhance BiosafetyNet. We welcome your suggestions, comments and/or feedback and hope that you will find this tool to be a substantial improvement for your research. The BiosafetyNet Click Safety module represents the beginning of a new and exciting era and we invite you to be part of this future together with us! For further information or to provide feedback, please contact us via email.

While the software has been designed to be straightforward and user help is available on every screen, we have developed various BiosafetyNet training resources to introduce the system to new users in a variety of formats. Please feel free to explore the BiosafetyNet training site and familiarize yourself with the features and functionality the BiosafetyNet system has to offer.

Resources and guidance:

Resources and guidance documents are now located on BiosafetyNet Training page in the ARC portal.