Additional Info - Biosafety

DOD Certificate

During the grant process, some funding agencies (especially US DOD and US EPA) require an Environmental Compliance review. Research Integrity and Compliance (DRIC) and the Office of Environmental Health and Safety (EHS) assists the Division of Sponsored Research in verifying that the research conducted is compliant with all applicable national, state and local environmental laws and regulations. This review requires that both the Director of DRIC and Director of EHS sign the Certificate of Environmental Compliance.

Procedure for obtaining a signed Certificate of Environmental Compliance (CEC):

  1. Complete the Investigator DOD PI Safety Assurance (PDF) form. A word template is provided for the Investigator.
  2. Complete the proposal title in the DOD Certificate of Environmental Compliance (PDF) form. A word template is provided for the Investigator.
  3. Access the Facility Safety Director Assurance (PDF). A word template is provided for the Investigator.
  4. The Principal Investigator provides the above three forms via email along with a copy of the Research Project Proposal and any additional details to DRIC.
  5. DRIC reviews the proposal and determines if it meets environmental compliance requirements for the research project.
  6. DRIC forwards a copy to EHS for review and a determination of environmental compliance requirements. The PI is contacted if any issues or questions arise during the completion of the review.
  7. Both the DRIC Assistant Director and EHS Director signs the CEC and certifies compliance.
  8. DRIC sends PI and Sponsored Research a copy of signed CEC.


Please provide DRIC and EHS at least 5 working days to process the CEC. This process may take longer if site visit to your lab is required. For additional information, please contact the Institutional Biosafety Officer.