Recruitment Resources


Volunteers are an important resource for the University of South Florida. Not only do they add to the vitality of life on campus, they also make valuable contributions to the success of our students, faculty, staff and the entire USF community.

The university encourages community members and students to donate their time and expertise as volunteers with USF. Departments and divisions are encouraged to explore all avenues of community involvement through the use of volunteers.

If you are interested in volunteering at USF, please contact divisions or departments directly to explore volunteer openings that may be available. For general questions, contact Human Resources at (813) 974-2970 or email  

The Volunteer Guidelines contain important information for departments and volunteers. Please take the time to carefully review the guidelines as these have been updated to provide specific information such as: definition of a volunteer, restrictions on use of volunteers, applicability of State Law, responsibilities of the department and volunteer, volunteer benefits, termination of volunteer services, and record keeping requirements.

Departments hosting volunteer opportunities are required to have the selected volunteer complete both a Volunteer Service Application form and a Volunteer Appointment form. These completed forms must be returned to the Division of Human Resources for review and approval prior to the start of the volunteer services. Volunteer appointments are approved for a maximum of 12 months within the University’s academic year. A Volunteer Extension Form will be required if extending a volunteer appointment beyond the time period originally approved. Completed forms can be submitted electronically via email at for Tampa volunteers, for Sarasota-Manatee volunteers, and for St. Petersburg volunteers. If you choose to submit hard copies of the completed forms, our office is located in the Student Services Building, SVC2172 (Tampa), SMC B116 (Sarasota-Manatee), and BAY206 (St. Petersburg). Thank you for considering volunteer service at USF.