Welcome to USF and to the USF community! If you’re visiting this page as a new employee, keep reading. We have great resources for your successful start as a new Bull!  We appreciate that the initial days of employment are filled with anticipation, excitement and many questions.  For that reason, we've assembled some helpful information to get you started.  If you'll be relocating to the Tampa Bay area, be sure to check out our "New to Tampa" resource page. We wish you much success in your new role!

Are you a manager looking for onboarding guidance? Check out this 30-60-90 Day Department Checklist and the Guide for Managers booklet


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The New Employee Orientation is online and self-paced to fit into the exciting first days of getting acclimated at USF. New employees are provided with a link to the orientation in the “next steps” email during the Right Start paperwork process. You will also receive a communication from our Benefits team regarding important benefits information. 

You can also access the orientation via the link below. Please note that required trainings linked within the orientation require a NetID to login. You will need to have your NetID established before completing that portion.

button to access orientation for staff and administration

Button: Orientation for Staff & Administration Employees

button to access orientation for temporary employees

Button: Orientation for Temporary Employees


Resource Guide

The Employee Resource Guide contains introductory information, contacts and web sites for you to learn more about work and life resources, perks and discounts, particular areas of interest and facts about USF. 

benefits summary

Bookmark the Benefits website and browse the Benefits Summary to see the many great options for you and your family. Any immediate questions can be sent to benefits@usf.edu.


Consider downloading the MyUSF app: MyUSF Mobile provides students, faculty and staff access to key University of South Florida resources wherever you are. Use MyUSF Mobile to access your course details, contact information, finding your way across campus and more. 


  • Please communicate with your supervisor on where to report on the first day. Confirm your start date, time, place, commuting options and parking options.  
  • Complete your Right Start paperwork. Check what hire documentation, including proof of eligibility to work in the United States, you may need for your first day.


RightStart is the process that facilitates the completion of new hire paperwork for all new employees. The program is designed to get employees off on the right foot by ensuring that necessary paperwork is completed on or before the employee's first day of employment.

Information for Foreign Nationals


  • Check-in is required with International Services (IS) for all new J-1 scholars and takes place via Microsoft Teams with an appointment set during your onboarding. If you have questions email j1visa@usf.edu. Scholars may check-in at any time without an appointment.
  • After all immigration documents have been verified, scholars who will be paid by the university will receive a letter which they can take to the local Social Security Administration office to apply for a card (after the scholar has been in the U.S. for ten days). Once this is completed, the scholar will receive a receipt letter from the Social Security Administration which can then be taken, along with all required work authorization documents, to Human Resources for RightStart in order to complete new hire paperwork.
  • Foreign National employees with another visa status (TN, H1-B) should have met all work authorization requirements prior to coming to RightStart. If an international employee comes to RightStart without a receipt letter from the Social Security Administration, and they do not have a Social Security card or their documents are not complete, they will be given a memo to return to IS until such time as they have all required documents.
  • Once the employee has been entered into GEMS, they will receive a temporary ID number. This ID number will allow international students to apply for Student Health Insurance. Note: the State of Florida mandates that all international students must have health insurance by the fifth day of classes. For more information, contact the Student Health Services Insurance office.
  • As soon as the employee receives his/her permanent Social Security card (which should take no more than three months) he/she should bring that card to University Payroll (SVC 0077) so that their temporary ID number can be updated in the system with the employee's permanent Social Security number.


  • Check-in is required with International Services (IS) for all new international students and takes place via Microsoft Teams. Students set an appointment corresponding to their entry term at https://www.usf.edu/world/international-services/arrival-and-orientation/document-check.aspx
    If you have questions email newinternational@usf.edu  A schedule of check-in times is communicated prior to the start of every semester.
  • Once the student has completed check-in and all immigration documents have been verified, the student will receive a letter which they can then take to the local Social Security Administration office to apply for a card after the student has been in the United States for ten (10) days. Once this is completed, the student will receive a receipt letter from the Social Security Administration which can then be taken, along with all required work authorization documents, to Human Resources for RightStart@USF.
  • At RightStart, the student will complete their new hire paperwork. This is required to get processed in the GEMS system and on payroll.
  • Please note that students holding a J-1 visa are also required to have a work authorization letter from International Services.

New Hires to USF

RightStart@USF is triggered by the issuance of an offer letter by the hiring department. In the offer letter, new employees are given specific instructions on what to bring, and when and where to report. An HR Representative will assist new employees in the completion of new hire paperwork and provide essential information regarding pay and benefits (if benefit eligible). This process takes up to an one hour to complete.

All new employees are required to attend RightStart on or before their first day of employment. 

In order to help you through this process, please be prepared to:

  • Provide documentation that establishes your employment eligibility to work in the U.S. (in accordance with the Immigration Reform and Control Act of 1986). View the I-9 form that will identify acceptable documents.
  • Provide your passport, I-9 form, visa and appropriate immigration support documents based on visa class, if you are a foreign national.
  • When you have completed all of your paperwork in HR, you should report as instructed in your offer letter.

Rehires to USF

An employee who left employment with USF for more than one year, is treated as a new hire and must complete new hire paperwork prior to starting work. If an employee has been separated from the university for less than one year, the department may appoint him/her by completing an Appointment Status Form and attaching the signed offer letter. Once the rehiring process is completed and updated in GEMS, the employee may access GEMS Self Service to update their personal information.

Information about your NetID, email and staff ID card 

During your first week, you'll be able to set up a NetID after you have an official USF employee ID number.

  • Your USF email will be created automatically after you have set up/activated your NetID.
  • You'll be able to get your staff ID card approximately 48 hours after the completion of your new hire paperwork.  If possible, it can be beneficial to complete your paper work prior to your first day of work.
    • The USFCard is the official identification card of the University of South Florida. The USFCard is a multi-functional card with digitized photo and electronic identification and validation for departments needing to verify student and/or employee status. The USFCard was designed as a platform for a multitude of services and functions. For example, many buildings have card-access entry. The USFCard provides access to the USF Library resources. Funds can be placed on the USFCard for use in on-campus vending machines.
    • For additional information, including how to get your USFCard, please visit IT's Card Resource page.

Ready to take charge as a new bull?

Visit our Employee Success Center page for new employees for tips on development, community & networking. 


Central Human Resources (located on the Tampa campus)

St. Petersburg Campus Human Resources | St. Petersburg campus New Hire Page

Sarasota Campus Human Resources | Sarasota-Manatee campus New Employee Page

  • Tips for your first week: Set up your personal workspace. | Work with your manager to resolve any computer or phone issues. | Review your schedule, responsibilities and expectations. | Ask any questions about policies/procedures. | Note any early trainings you will need. | Explore parking options.

  • Tips for your first month: Review USF's vision and goals. | Meet your deadlines for enrolling in benefits. | Request ongoing and meaningful feedback about job duties, expectations and performance goals. | Continue to introduce yourself to new people. | Explore varied campus events. 

  • Tips for your first 90 days: Consider shadowing someone for exposure to the department and university. | Plan a lunch or coffee with another employee. | Attend regular check-ins with your manager to discuss performance and professional development. | Ask your manager if  you should complete additional training. 

  • By the end of your first 6 months: Review progress on job duties, expectations, performance goals and professional development. | for staff employees, your probationary period may end. Expect feedback on what you've done well and what you could have done differently. | Consider joining a networking group such as a club, advisory council or employee resource group. 

  •  Tips for your first 6 to 12 months: Continue to seek regular feedback, no matter how informal. | You'll receive formal feedback at your annual performance review. | Regularly discuss your USF experience with your manager (1) Is everything what you expected? (2) What's working and what could be improved? (3) Do you need extra support, training or resources? (4) Discuss your professional development goals and plan appropriate learning opportunities. 

Helpful Links: USF Mission and Goals USF | USF Event Calendar (BullConnect) | Networking | Benefits