Outstanding Staff Awards

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Each year, the University of South Florida seeks to recognize employees who demonstrate "above and beyond" performance excellence and support the values in USF's Strategic Plan - In Pursuit of Excellence. The hard work and dedication of these staff and administrative employees greatly contributes to USF's success and upward trajectory. 

THE 2023 nomination period is now closed

Do you know a deserving individual or team?

  • Individual Award Nominations allow for the recognition of a single employee's "above and beyond" performance and support the values in USF's Strategic Plan.  
  • Team Award Nominations allow for the recognition of a team of employees for its execution of a project, plan and/or initiative that demonstrates "above and beyond" performance and supports the values of  USF's Strategic Plan. Teams may be comprised of up to a maximum of 10 employees and may include members from different departments within the same VP area.

Any member of the USF Community may submit an Outstanding Staff Award nomination. As a OneUSF program, we encourage nominations from members of all campuses in order to showcase the wide range of contributions of our staff and administrative employees. We also encourage nominations of staff and administrative employees who are essential workers, veterans and members of historically marginalized groups. 

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All staff and administrative employees (in a regular, established position) continuously employed from July 1, 2022, through June 30, 2023, are eligible for nomination. To continue meeting eligibility, an employee must be employed on an established position thirty days prior to the awards ceremony to receive the award. Time spent in temporary (OPS) assignments will not count towards eligibility.

Faculty and temporary employees (student and non-student) are not eligible to be nominated for the Outstanding Staff Awards. However, faculty and temporary employees (student and non-student) are welcome to participate in nominating staff and administrative employees for recognition. 

Nomination Process for the Nominator

Complete your individual or team nomination online with the appropriate 2023 Outstanding Staff Awards Nomination Form. We will only accept nominations completed through the online form.  

Prepare the text of your nomination in advance; it is highly recommended that you write the body of your nomination ahead of time, using the prompts for the nomination form.  You can then copy and paste the text into the fields provided on the online form.

Process for the Selection Committee

Central Human Resources (CHR) will validate eligibility, then provide the nominations of all eligible candidates to each VP Area Outstanding Staff Award (OSA) Selection Committee for review. CHR will maintain copies of all nomination forms.

For more information, please contact HRevents@usf.edu.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can someone nominate an employee from a different department or VP area?
Absolutely. An employee can nominate their colleague, supervisor, or someone they work with from a different area.

Can someone nominate themselves for an award?
Yes! If an eligible employee would like to nominate themselves for an individual or team award, they are encouraged to do so.

Who is eligible for an Outstanding Staff Award?
All regular staff and administration employees (with a position number) continuously employed on a position from July 1, 2022, through June 30, 2023, are eligible for nomination. Faculty and temporary employees (student and non-student) are not eligible to be nominated but are welcome to participate in nominating staff and administrative employees.

Can someone be nominated for more than one award?
Absolutely. An employee can win an individual and/or a team award.

How are recipients recognized and awarded?
Each individual Outstanding Staff Award recipient is recognized during our annual Outstanding Staff Awards ceremony, by their area leadership. Recipients are given a trophy and a monetary award of $500. The area selecting an individual or individuals on a team with an Outstanding Staff Award is responsible for covering the taxes associated with the monetary award.

I want to nominate a team but one of the team members has only been here six months. Is the team still eligible?

Yes, though only team members that meet the eligibility criteria will be considered for an award. The team members not eligible can still attend the ceremony and cheer on their fellow team members from the audience, but they will not be recognized on stage or with a monetary award.

Are previous winners eligible to win again?
Yes. There are no limits set regarding how many times an employee can receive an Outstanding Staff Award.


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