General Networking Opportunities

  • At USF, we have many ways to connect. Beginning with an array of events, the BullsConnect calendar lists events for students, staff and faculty for all three campuses.
  • If you’re looking general networking, the USF Club is a social group for faculty, staff and friends of the University. 
  • Want to show your love for USF? The USF Alumni Association is not just for graduates! Non- alumni employees can enjoy the benefits of the association membership by joining as a friend of USF. 

Advisory Councils

Groups that Advise the President on Various Matters

USF has three organizations that advise the President on matters of interest as follows:

Presidential Advisory Committees and Community-based Councils

Groups that Advise the President on Diverse Communities

The Presidential Advisory Committees report to the USF President about issues of relevance related to the communities of USF.

The Presidential Advisory Committees meet regularly to discuss prominent issues and challenges and serve as an important source of guidance to the USF President. Click here for the full list of  presidential advisory committees, community-based councils and meeting calendar.


ERGs, or affinity groups, help to provide a sense of community and well-being by reducing isolation that employees may feel. Employee Resource Groups are voluntary and led by employees themselves. USF's current ERGs include the following:

  • Black Faculty & Staff Association 
  • USF Womens club 
  • Retired Faculty & Staff Association 
  • Alianza Latina Faculty & Staff Association
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Please click here to learn more about Employee Resource Groups, the ERGs at USF and how you can be an ally.

Communities of Practice

Communities of Practice (CoPs) are groups who share similar interests, concerns, problems, or passion around a topic. Together, they expand and exchange knowledge by interacting on an ongoing basis and building a repository of knowledge for current and future members.

At USF, we have several CoPs that span different departments/colleges while sharing similar interests.

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