Proposal Preparation Guidelines

Large, Interdisciplinary, or Otherwise Complex Proposals

The USF Sponsored Research department is responsible for the review and approval of proposals to agencies for funding research and other academic activities. In order to provide optimal and equitable service to all University of South Florida faculty there is an acknowledged need for implementation of internal deadlines for submission to Sponsored Research of all proposals that are to be mailed, hand delivered, or sent electronically.

Sponsored Research Deadline for Large, Interdisciplinary, or Otherwise Complex Proposals
Proposal Type Large/Complex
PI/Department notifies Sponsored Research of intent to submit proposal (minimum number of business days before deadline date). 45 Days
Proposal due at Sponsored Research (minimum number of days from submission deadline date). 3 days (paper) or 5 days (electronic)

Note: Sponsored Research cannot guarantee submission of proposals if these deadlines are not met.

The Principal Investigator should contact their Sponsored Research Administrator (to identify, see Sponsored Research website) no fewer than forty-five (45) business days prior to the agency submission deadline. This will enable the PI and Sponsored Research staff, as applicable, to:

  1. Participate in meetings with lead PI(s), the college/department/center contact, and other appropriate individuals, as needed, to facilitate the proposal process.
  2. Assist with establishing a timeline for the proposal preparation and submission process.
  3. Clarify proposal preparation guidelines for the PI and academic unit staff, and contact sponsors for clarification, if needed.
  4. Prepare institutional representations and certifications.
  5. Review and sign agency assurances.
  6. Assist in preparation of separate business proposal, when applicable.
  7. Develop a small business development plan, when applicable.
  8. Help identify unusual intellectual property or compliance issues and direct such to the appropriate staff for resolution.

Sponsored Research cannot guarantee these services will be available, if contacted after the 45-day notification deadline. In those rare instances when "Request for Proposals" (RFPs) are issued or modified by a funding agency less than 45 days before the sponsor's deadline, Sponsored Research will modify its guidelines to accommodate those preparing proposals in response to those specific opportunities.