Adapt-A-Bull Fitness Program

program overview

Adapt-a-Bull is a 5-week fitness and recreation training program for adaptive athletes.  The program creates a space for individuals living with physical disabilities to engage in on-campus fitness activities. The goal of the program is to 1) improve the physical, mental & social health of participants and 2) increase confidence in their identity as athletes.  The Adapt-a-Bull program combines both structured exercise and community-based recreational sport activities, such as adaptive basketball and kayaking.


Once you have reviewed the information below and decided if the program is right for you, submit your interest via this form.  All those expressing interest will be contacted no later than June 24, 2021.


We are looking for 5 - 8 individuals to participate in our Summer program.  Participants must meet the following criteria:

  • Student | Age 18 - 24 | Any campus or Member | All ages | Tampa campus
  • Living with a physical disability or disabilities
  • Possess reliable transportation to/from the Tampa campus*
  • Strong interest in improving health and fitness through recreation

No prior fitness or recreation experience is required.

* USF's Bull Runner bus service meets ADA requirements to provide access to transportation for all those with disabilities. 

dates & Times


Wed, June 30 @ Time TBD

Program Duration | Five (5) Weeks

Start Date | Jul 7 (Wed)

End Date | Aug 6 (Fri)

See the schedule below for detail of each week's activities.


Sessions will be held twice a week:

Wed | 5:00 PM

Fri | 12:00 PM (noon)*

* A special event will be held in the morning on Friday, 23 rather than the usual time of 12:00 PM,


The program is free of charge to selected participants.


Knowledgeable and supportive staff coaches equipped with certifications in adaptive and inclusive fitness training will be leading participants through group training sessions tailored to each athlete's current abilities and goals.


All necessary equipment will be provide on-site.


 A special orientation session will be held on Wed, June 30 (time TBD).

Itinerary | Adapt-A-Bull
Week Mon | 5:00 PM Wed | 12:00 PM
1 | Jul 7 & 9 Group Training Group Training
2 | Jul 14 & 16 Group Training Special Workshop
3 | Jul 21 & 23 Group Training Kayak Trip | AM Start
4 | Jul 28 & 30 Group Training Group Training
5 | Aug 4 & 6 Group Training

Wheelchair Basketball

Wrap-Up Celebration

contact us

For questions and reasonable accommodations | Katie Haff (