Contact the Dean

Contact the Dean

Student Complaints and Concerns

University organizations can be confusing to navigate. So when students, parents, or community members do not know where else to go, the Dean of Students office can be your place for assistance.  If you are experiencing personal or academic challenges, we can assist you in addressing your concerns or finding the answers to your questions.  

The Dean of Students office can:

  • Help you get correct information
  • Provide options when faced with personal emergencies
  • Clarify or explain policies and procedures
  • Get answers to questions or issues you cannot resolve on your own
  • Listen to experiences of students in order to better the university
  • Liaison with other departments in cases of student death, hospitalization or other emergencies

 The University also expects the Dean of Students office to keep them informed on patterns of student complaints, student needs, and student feedback.  We value open and transparent communication and want to hear from you in the good times and the challenging times.  Use this form to communicate your concerns to the Dean of Students.  NOTE: This form is only monitored during regular business hours and if this is an emergency please call police at 911.