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student concerns


If you are having an issue in one of your classes, it is important that you first try to work it out with your instructor.  If you cannot resolve it with the instructor, contacting the department chair is the next step. Here is the 2023-2024 department chair roster.    

Non-academic complaints/concerns

If you are having an issue with an administrative office at USF, it is important that you first try to resolve it with that office.  If you cannot resolve the issue, use this form to contact the Dean of Students.  You can also use this form if you have personal or medical concerns that are impacting your ability to be successful at USF and you need assistance navigating your options.  Please give as much detail as possible so that we can appropriately address your concern. 

Formal Student Grievances

If you believe a policy has been violated by a university office, faculty member, or staff member and you could not resolve the matter informally, you may file a formal student grievance. The USF Student Ombuds office can discuss your concerns and help you identify a continuum of channels for resolution, from the informal to the formal. There is a range of formal complaint options available to students. 

Student Care Referrals

There are times when you or another student are having personal concerns that are impacting their success or the success of the community. We encourage any person who is concerned about another student or themselves to complete a referral form with as much detail as possible. Describe what behavior, statements, observations, etc., have prompted you to make this referral and when applicable, please provide specific examples.

Student Conduct Referrals

To report potential violations of the Student Code of Conduct, please utilize this form to provide detailed information regarding the incident.

Student Appeals 

Are you a student wanting to file a grievance on a grade you received? Are you wanting to appeal a conduct related decision? Click the link below to learn more about USF's policies and regulations regarding appeals.

·       Conduct Appeals
·       Grade Grievance