Formal Complaints

Navigating Formal Complaints

The Student Ombuds Office is an independent, confidential, impartial, informal resource for students who have University-related concerns. You may always contact the Student Ombuds Office to discuss your concern, and the ombuds can help you identify a continuum of channels for resolution, from the informal to the formal. Informal solutions are often feasible and usually render quicker and more satisfactory outcomes; however, there is also a range of formal complaint options available to students, and you can learn more about those by navigating the topics on the left side of this page.

To find names and contact information for specific USF faculty and staff members, use the USF Directory Search.

To find specific USF policies or regulations, go to the University Regulations & Policies website.

To formally and confidentially report ethical and/or policy violations, go to the Compliance and Ethics website.

To access more key reporting resources, go to the Key Reporting Resources webpage