Formal Complaints

Non-Academic Grievances & Appeals

Appeal Type Responsible Unit Notes Posted Policy or Regulation
Conduct Appeals Student Success Students who wish to appeal a conduct charge can do so here.

Student Code of Conduct
Regulation E-USF6.0021


Housing and Residence Life Appeals Housing & Residential Education To appeal cancellation charges, visit the Housing Portal. Housing Contract
Parking Citation Appeals Parking and Transportation Services Visit the Parking and Transportation Services portal to appeal parking citations.

Parking General Guidelines, Registration, Rates, and Penalties
Regulation USF4.0010

Late Fee Waiver Request University Controller’s Office To appeal a late payment fee, submit a Late Fee Waiver Request to this email

USF Regulation

Student Financial Aid Appeals Office of Financial Aid

Financial Aid related grievances should be submitted to Director of SFA by email.

SAPPET and other forms can be found here.

USF Regulation
Research and Integrity Research and Innovation

Research misconduct can be reported to Research and Innovation by email or through EthicsPoint.

Decisions made by R/I cannot be appealed.

Misconduct in Research
USF Policy 0-301

Admissions Appeals

Faculty Committee on Student Admissions 

Graduate Faculty Admissions Committee


Undergraduate: Appeal directly to faculty committee on admissions

Graduate: Submit Appeal for Reconsideration Form directly to graduate program.

Regulation USF3.018 

Regulation USF3.008

Other Non-Academic Grievances

Student Success

Students who wish to report incidents not covered in another formal process can do so here.

Student Concern Processes
USF Policy 30-053