Hazing can be extremely detrimental to a community. It is important to know the resources available to create organizations and teams that have strong community without hazing, and how to report any actions which could violate these policies and cause harm to our community.

Commitment to Honor
At USF we have a Commitment to Honor. Hazing goes against this Commitment, tears apart our community and is not tolerated at the University of South Florida.

Student Conduct and Ethical Development
The mission of Student Conduct and Ethical Development is to provide for the safety and well being of the University environment; to aid in the growth and development of a student as related to a student's behavior; and to serve as the management agency for the University Judicial System.

Dean of Students
The Office of the Dean for Students facilitates learning by serving as an initial point of reference for all students and advocating and articulating the needs and concerns for all students, promote learning in and out of the classroom, respond to emergency situations, and continuously provide opportunities to engage students to enhance the university community.

Center for Victim Advocacy & Violence Prevention
Empowering survivors of crime, violence or abuse and preventing victimization by promoting the restoration of decision making and control to survivors, by advocating for their rights and honoring their experiences, and through education and collaboration, fostering a safe university community that respects the rights and dignity of all.

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