Student Conduct Policies

Check the links below to read up on a few of the policies that students and parents at USF should be familiar with.

Student Code of Conduct

Medical Amnesty Policy

Student Grievance Policy

Record Expungement Process

Record expungement allows a student conduct record on file with SCED to be sealed. This includes all information related to the student’s documentation, investigation, hearing, and disposition. In general, when completing background check inquiries, expunged records will not be reported as an incident when the student was found responsible. The student will not need to report the record based on the language/definitions of the requesting institution or agency in a background check that theincident ever occurred. The record will still be used for federal, state, and local University reporting requirements but will not be associated with the student name or student ID.

If the student has only had one disciplinary incident during their enrollment, a request for expungement will be available for consideration:

  1. One year after the resolution of a conduct case or in the last term of enrollment,
  2. All assigned sanctions have been successfully completed,
  3. An expungement has not previously granted, and
  4. The conduct violation(s) did not:
    1. Cause personal injury.
    2. Cause significant property damage.
    3. Include a drug violation that could qualify as a felony charge in the legal system.
    4. Disrupt the orderly operation of the University.
    5. Violate the firearm, explosives, dangerous chemicals, and ammunition or weaponry regulations of the University.
    6. Involve behavior prohibited under Title IX of the Education Amendments of 1972, or any behavior related to sexual assault, sexual harassment, stalking, and/or sexual exploitation, no matter the location of incident.
    7. Result in a suspension or expulsion.
    8. Occur within the last 30 calendar days.

Petition Requirements
A student meeting the eligibility requirements must submit their petition to the Dean of Students, or designee. The student must submit a signed statement explaining the justification for the request, a description of what occurred in the conduct incident, and what they learned from the incident. The statement must also include:

  1. Student’s name
  2. University identification number (U number)
  3. E-mail address
  4. Phone number
  5. Date of incident
  6. Incident report number
  7. Documentation of an application to graduate or a signed letter from the student’s academic advisor stating the intent to graduate and a list of all remaining coursework.

The Dean of Students, or designee, will review the statement, the conduct record, and any otherpertinent information they choose to request and/or consider. The decision is at the discretion of the Dean of Students, ordesignee. The student will receive written notice regarding their petition within ten (10) days of receipt of petition. The decision of the Dean of Students, or designee, regarding the expungement of the conduct record is final and not appealable.