Proposal Prep & Submission


If you have a bright idea for USF energy efficiency, the first step is to do some preliminary research, find a potential faculty or USF department sponsor (if needed), and then complete a brief Project Summary Form online. The scope of the project and the amount of the grant requested will determine the need for a formal proposal and the extent of the review process.

SGEF Process Web Flowchart

If you are required to submit a proposal, make sure it complies with the Student Green Energy Fund (SGEF) criteria.  

Funding Levels

  • Fast Track Mini-Grant:  Less than $5,000 requested - requires the completion of a Project Summary form (click on flowchart above for instructions on page 2); projects submitted do not necessarily have to result in greenhouse emissions reduction but can be eco-friendly green projects or awareness initiatives
  • Competitive Grant:  Greater than $5000 requested - requires the completion of a Project Summary form then a formal proposal.


All currently enrolled students and current employees of the USF Tampa campus may submit one or more proposals to use SGEF funds. Proposals can originate from individuals, groups, and formal and informal bodies at USF.

Fund Awards

It is anticipated that most awards will not exceed $100,000, unless exceptional circumstances require additional funding. There is no limit to the number of awards, and the SGEF Council will decide on proposals based on the availability of funds. The council reserves the right not to fund applications and make no awards if they believe the proposals do not satisfy the criteria for funding.


Project Summaries and formal proposals, if required, may be submitted during Fall and Spring semesters for funding consideration.

If you are requested by SGEF to submit a formal proposal, gather all necessary documents (provided on the Submission page) and save them in one place for ease of upload. Next, submit your full proposal by completing the Project Proposal Form thoroughly.