Selection & Implementation


Submitted proposals are first reviewed by members of the SGEF Technical Advisory Group, an informal group of scientific experts of faculty, staff and non-USF persons, who have extensive knowledge and experience in energy technologies and related fields. The Technical Advisory Group members provide commentary and advice, but not funding recommendations, for submitted proposals.

Technical Advisory Group commentary usually accompanies each proposal as it is forwarded to members of the SGEF Council for full evaluation. The SGEF Council uses its own evaluation metrics, in concert with the established proposal criteria, to select which proposals will be funded and to determine implementation prioritization.

Depending on the complexity of the proposal and the availability of the Technical Advisory Group and Council members, the process typically takes between 3 to 6 weeks from submission to Council decision. Award recipients are notified via email within approximately one week of the council's funding recommendations. Submitters of declined proposals will be notified within one week of the council's decision via email.

Funded projects will project managed by the proposal submitter(s)—also known as the Principal Investigator(s)—and SGEF representatives to ensure timely and cost effective implementation.