Selection & Implementation

Project Management

USF Student Success, through a dedicated SGEF Manager (also known as the Projects Administrator), provides administrative and budgetary oversight on all projects.

The Principal Investigator(s) (PI), which is the name given to the proposal submitters, in conjunction with the SGEF Manager and the SGEF Council Chair, is responsible and accountable for all project components, including scale/scope, monitoring, maintaining, and metric measurements. The PI will work with the necessary university departments and resources to implement the project with guidance from the SGEF resources.

Project changes that necessitate 10% or greater alterations to any budget category must be approved by the SGEF Council and/or the Shared Services Center Executive Director before proceeding.

Project reporting by the PI is required on a quarterly basis, mapping actual to identified success criteria with established metrics. Periodic reports are due to the SGEF Manager every 90 days from start of the project, unless otherwise determined by the SGEF Manager.

Projects must be closed out with all accounting entries at the conclusion of the project. It is expected that an appropriate level of project management will be applied by the implementing organization.