Student Organizations

Arab/Middle Eastern Organizations

Arabic Language Organization

Aim to create an atmosphere for learners of the Arabic language to practice their conversational skills with other Arabic language students and native speakers. The organization aims not only to immerse its members in the language, but concurrently in the culture, in the way of group outings to Arab cultural events and locales.

Dhaad Langauge Forum (DLF)

The Dhaad Language Forum (DLF) is an international student organization at USF that offers educational and cultural activities through conversation sessions, lectures, panel discussions, and many other social activities. Dhaad language is the alternative name of the Arabic language. This organization aims to help students at USF create an environment that will foster the development and growth of the Arabic language and Arabic literature at USF.

Nashama at USF (Al Nashama)

Nashama at USF (Al Nashama) is a Jordanian student organization at USF which is comprised of a group of enthusiastic students who aim to be good representatives and active ambassadors for Jordan country and its Nashama people. As an international and multicultural organization, students from all countries are welcomed in Al Nashama, who aims to interact with the international student community at USF.

Saudi Students Association

SSA at USF represent the beliefs, values, and the culture of the Saudi students in the best way by celebrating their national events and ceremonies, participating in the humanitarian and volunteering activities, counseling scholarship students in Tampa, and collaborating with other fellow organizations to create an environment that enables Saudi students to engage with the multicultural student community.