Student Organizations

Arab/Middle Eastern Organizations

💚= A member of the Multicultural Community

Bull Bhangra

Bull Bhangra is a professional team that brings Punjabi folk dance to the community of Tampa Bay. They perform at USF campus events, weddings and competitions at both the regional and national level.

Bulls Dabke Club

Bulls Dabke Club organization's main goal is to teach Dabke and welcome everyone to our dance floor. Dabke is a high energy traditional Arab dance that consists of a combination of steps, jumps, and kicks.

Saudi Students Association

Saudi Students Association is a group of student volunteers, yet they work like professionals. They aspire to be ambassadors of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in Tampa, Florida and carry through distinctive activities that represent a real picture of their country, culture, and nation.

Sister's United Muslim Association

Sister's United Muslim Association (SUMA) is an organization at USF devoted to breaking down the stereotypes that surround Muslim women worldwide. SUMA attempts to stimulate a unified group of Muslim and non-Muslim women while battling these stereotypes. Striving to educate the surrounding community about Islam is an essence in formulating strong bonds between the members of SUMA!

Pakistani Students Association 💚

Pakistani Students Association aims to enhance the cultural horizons of USF student by exposing them to the cultural, traditional, and current- day aspects of Pakistan.