Student Organizations


Multicultural Community

USF has over 600 registered student organizations! Of these organizations, there are over 50 student organizations that are cultural or identity based. The Office of Multicultural Affairs aims to connect students with these diverse student organizations to maximize their experience in inclusive environments.

Below are links to various student organizations based on demographics, with information about their organizations and links to their social media accounts. 

Arab/Middle Eastern Organizations
Asian/Pacific Islander Organizations
Black/African Organizations
Caribbean Organizations
International Organizations
Latinx Organizations
LGBTQ+ Organizations
Undocumented Organizations

Check out BullSync for additional student organizations. 

Have you heard of the Multicultural Community (MCC)?

The MCC is a coalition of multicultural student organizations that fosters cross-cultural relationships, facilitates intentional programs, and develops diverse student leaders through the support of the Office of Multicultural Affairs. MCC members are empowered to lead and achieve their greatest potential as multicultural student organizations at USF.

As you navigate through the above links you will see this symbol 💚 next to organization's names. This signifies that a student organization was a member of the MCC during the 2018-2019 school year.

Who Can Join?
The MCC is open to all registered student organizations at USF that are interested in establishing a coalition with other organizations related to cultural identity, celebration, and raising awareness. Greek-lettered organizations are not typically members of the MCC, although we strongly encourage partnership with MCC organizations.

Click here to register your student organization! Deadline is 8/5/2019.