Modeled after UndocuALLY training at other institutions of higher education, this training was created to educate the USF community on the history, relevant legislation, and current realities of the undocumented community. This training strives to cultivate a more supportive environment for undocumented students in higher education and the University of South Florida.

For more information, please contact Rachel Garcia.  For additional resources available for undocumented students, please visit our resources page.

Apply today to be an UndocuALLY training facilitator!  Deadline for applications for 2019-2020 is June 7th.  

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UndocuALLY Vision
The vision of the UndocuALLY Training program is to foster an atmosphere of support and inclusivity for Undocumented individuals within the University of South Florida community.

UndocuALLY Mission
The mission of the UndocuALLY Training program at the University of South Florida is to identify, educate, and support allies. Allies are individuals within the USF community who consider themselves to be open and knowledgeable about Undocumented issues and who choose to provide support, as well as advocate with those who are Undocumented.

What is UndocuALLY Training?
UndocuALLY Training is a free three-hour interactive certification on the Undocumented student experience, federal and state policies and how to be an ally. Upon completion of the training, you will receive a certificate that can be added to your co-curricular transcript.

What is an ally?
Allies are individuals within the USF community who are supportive of and knowledgeable about the Undocumented student experience and issues and who want to be a visible support for people of all statuses. People of all identities are welcome to become an UndocuALLY! An UndocuALLY is represented by the displayed UndocuALLY Symbol.

What are the benefits of being an ally?

UndocuALLY Registration

Upcoming Training Dates

Monday • May 13 • 1pm-4pm • MSC 4200

Tuesday • July 23 • 1pm-4pm • MSC 4200

Thursday • September 19 • 10am-1pm • MSC 3709

Thursday • October 17 • 10am-1pm • MSC 4200

Thursday • November 14 • 10am-1pm • MSC 4200

Staff and Faculty: You can now enroll for Safe Zone Training via GEMS Self Service! Navigation: Main Menu > Self Service > Learning and Developing > Request Training Enrollment. Click Search by Course Name and type a keyword such as safe zone into the field. You will see the training listed. Click View Available Sessions and then click the desired session number to enroll. For help with registration, visit the PDF quick guide or view the short video tutorial (the training registration section is two minutes).