iBuddy - International Buddy Program

iBuddy - International Buddy Program


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iBuddy is a free 9-week program that takes place during the Fall and Spring semesters. The program partners international and domestic students from all campuses to increase cultural awareness and build lasting friendships through a series of campus events and social programs. The iBuddy program enhances and encourages out of classroom student engagement that assists participants in becoming global citizens.

Why should I participate in iBuddy?
One of the most meaningful experiences you can have during college is to interact with individuals from different cultures. Being an iBuddy will allow you to learn about different cultures, develop cross cultural communication skills, and engage in lasting friendships.
 Successful completion of the program will also count for 20 hours of the service requirement for the Global Citizens Project and for Honors College students, successful program completion will count towards fullfilling Global Experience requirements. 



What do iBuddies do?
iBuddy groups have a great time! Group activities will be planned for participants throughout the semester to keep you invested in the program. Participants need to be committed to maintaining contact with their buddy group at least once a week throughout the semester that they register for. Overall, participants in iBuddy will:

  • Communicate regularly
  • Share cultural experiences and activities with their buddy
  • Focus on furthering language skills in English and the native language of the international student
  • Connect to student life outside of the classroom
  • Create cross cultural friendships
  • Meet with your iBuddy group

An application process is required for participation in the iBuddy program. The iBuddy program's application is currently closed. Stay tuned to this webpage and to OMA's social media pages, Note-A-Bull News and other campus, departmental and college newsletters/emails for updates, and further details.

Please contact Nicky Luckett if you have questions or would like more information.

Disclaimer: There may be some limits to the number of participants in the iBuddy Program in order to provide a quality experience for all participants. Students who apply are not necessarily guaranteeed a match. Applications are processed at the start of each semester. 

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