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Global/Cultural Requirement

The Judy Genshaft Honors College is committed to making global awareness a critical element in the education of twenty-first century leaders.  To meet this goal, the Global Experience requirement offers students the opportunity to choose from a variety of meaningful ways to build global knowledge and to develop competency in cultural interactions.

Please note: To confirm that you have completed the Cultural/Global Experience, you must submit documentation using this form. Please be sure to fill out your name and U number to help us identify the submissions as yours. The Cultural Experience (for those students admitted to the Honors College prior to Summer 2015) requires one submission, but please be sure to select the Cultural Experience bubble before pressing submit. The Global Experience requires two separate submissions, even if the two submissions fall under the same activity. For example, if you studied abroad in London and Peru, you would enter information for London and submit it and then subsequently enter information for Peru with a new Global Experience Study Abroad form and submit it.

Global Experience (Required of first-year students entering Fall 2015 and after)

In order to complete the Global Experience requirement for the Honors College, students must choose two of the following activities to complete, and have each approved by their advisor:

  • Levels 1 and 2 of a foreign language through coursework or demonstrated proficiency, or a passing TOEFL/IELTS score
  • Levels 3 and 4 of a foreign language
  • Any Honors or Education Abroad international trip
  • Completion of the three-part Judy Genshaft Honors College Re-entry Series — Workshops hosted for students to deeply and critically reflect on the personal and professional impact of their study abroad experience(s).
  • Participation in Honors International Day as a presenter — This is an annual event where international students share their experiences living/studying in the United States while domestic students can report back about their study abroad experience(s).
  • Service as a GloBull Ambassador via Education Abroad for two semesters
  • 75 hours in a globally-focused internship (e.g. State Department, UN, EU, etc.)
  • 75 hours of globally-focused research tracked via the Office of Undergraduate Research (e.g. looking at women's education worldwide)
  • Complete one of the following cultural minor or certificate programs: Africana Literatures, Asian Studies, India Studies, International Studies, Italian Studies, Latin American and Caribbean Studies, Religious Studies, Russian Studies, or Linguistics

Transfer and continuing students must complete this requirement.

For students interested in pursuing a more comprehensive experience to further enhance their cultural competencies, please check out USF's Global Citizens Project.

Upon completion of each global experience, students must submit the Global Experience Form to notify the college and earn credit for their experience.



Cultural Experience (Required of students admitted prior to Summer 2015)

Students may meet the Cultural Experience requirement by demonstrating foreign language proficiency or travelling abroad.

Choose one of the following:

  • Foreign Language
    • Levels 1 and 2 of a foreign language through coursework, accelerated credits (AP, IB, AICE, Dual Enrollment), or CLEP credit (Exception: Students who receive AP credit via the Latin Vergil or Literature exams do not receive Levels 1 and 2 of coursework, however we will still honor this credit as acceptable towards fulfilling this requirement).
    • Demonstrated proficiency through the foreign language placement exam offered by the World Languages Department
    • Passing TOEFL or IELTS score

  • Studying Abroad*
    • Participation in an Honors course-based trip, or international service trip
    • Participation in a USF-sponsored travel abroad program (minimum 4 weeks)

Transfer and continuing students must complete this requirement.

*NOTE: Prior to departure, students choosing this option should plan to complete the online Cultural Experience Approval form to confirm that the trip will satisfy this requirement. Once the program has concluded, students must update this form.


Ways to appropriately document activities (Applies to BOTH Global and Cultural Experiences):

Foreign Language:
If you studied a Foreign Language and would like to count it towards the Global Experience, please be sure to provide a screenshot of your Degreeworks confirming that you have received credit for the course. Even if your credit is for Level III and IV (e.g. a 4 or 5 on AP Spanish grants students SPN 2200 and 2201 credit upon matriculation to USF), please make two separate submissions to confirm that you have completed both activities of the Global Experience. If you took the World Languages Department Placement Test, please be sure to include proof of your placement level. Submissions without documentation will not be accepted for the Placement Test option.

Study Abroad:
If you participated in a study abroad program, please be sure to include all the relevant information, including courses and semester. You must provide a separate submission for each program you've participated in if you have completed two programs.

International Day:
If you participated in Honors International Day, please be sure to include your Certificate of Participation as confirmation. Submissions without documentation will not be accepted.

Internship submissions will be accepted upon completion of the internship. Documentation from your supervisor on organizational letterhead detailing the dates of your internship, the amount of hours you worked, the duties you performed, and how the internship is globally focused would be tremendously beneficial if included.

Research submissions will be accepted upon completion of the project. Documentation from the research (e.g. OUR Global Research Prospectus approval, the research paper itself) would be tremendously beneficial if included. Information about what constitutes "globally focused research" can be found in the UN Research Institutes.

Minors or Certificates:
Submissions for this option will not be approved until all the classes for the minor or certificate are completed.


Global Requirement