Current Students

Community Service

This requirement is for students who entered the Judy Genshaft Honors College during Spring 2022 or earlier. Click here for Honors Requirements (Students Entering Summer/Fall 2022 or Later).


Service is at the heart of the Judy Genshaft Honors College. We believe learning extends beyond the four walls of the classroom. The people and places in our communities offer lessons that complement and reinforce classroom-based learning. Students will accumulate 50 hours of community service while at USF, in their hometown or Tampa Bay community. Care and concern for others motivates the administration, faculty and staff of the College, but we also seek to model for students how intellectually and professionally rewarding service can be. 

Community service hours are logged on the Co-Curricular Transcript through BullsConnect. Service hours may overlap with those required for the Global Citizen Award, or other pre-professional goals. Use BullsConnect to find service and log your hours. Once 50+ hours are completed, you may upload the co-curricular transcript to the community service form to receive approval of this requirement. The form is available in your JGHC student portal.

If available, a letter of confirmation from your service supervisor or an official hours log from your organization are also acceptable forms of proof, instead of the BullsConnect transcript.

Hours performed as employment or for payment cannot be considered community service.



  • Find a partner and begin your service as soon as possible. Your service project could influence your choice of major, inspire your research, or impact your future career — so don't delay! Embark on this journey now so you can reap the rewards (and the scholarship money) sooner.
  • Complete all of your hours with one organization if possible. Sustained involvement results in better relationships with your community partner, more effective service work, and improved learning for students.



  • Launch BullsConnect
  • Use the “Sign-in” button in the top right corner of the screen to log in with your NetID.
  • Click "My Activity" in the menu on the left side of the screen.
  • Scroll down and select "My Service Hours."
  • Click the purple "Add Service Hours" button in the top right corner to document each volunteering session. 
  • Fill out the form in its entirety, along with attaching any files that verify your participation.
  • Note: "Reference" refers to someone from the host organization who can verify your hours. If associated with USF, entering the person's name in "Reference user" will auto-populate their contact information. For service with outside organizations, you must enter your reference's name and email manually.
  • When you have completed your total required number of hours, you will click the "Generate Report" button to download a single file document of your service history. Once you have submitted this compiled document in the Community Service Form, your completion of hours and the Community Service Canvas course will be verified.


First-year students admitted Fall 2019 onward and all students admitted Spring 2020 onward must also complete the Community Service Canvas Course (see below). 


You must pass the course with a grade of 80% or higher in order to receive credit for completion. Join the course here
Learning Outcomes will help you: 

  • Understand the value of community service to you and your partner;
  • Find an organization match;
  • Prepare to be an ethical and engaged partner; 
  • Demonstrate the value of reflecting on your experiences;
  • Document your service hours so that you may receive your $600 Honors scholarship. 

Note: While students admitted prior to Fall 2019 are not required to complete our Canvas course, we strongly recommend using it as a guide before, during, and after your service experience.  

Upon completion of the required hours, upload all documents of service as a single PDF file into the Community Service Form. Hours logged through BullsConnect are easily compiled for submission in the form.