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Honors Graduation FAQ

Each semester, the Judy Genshaft Honors College celebrates its graduates during an exciting, personalized graduation ceremony! This special ceremony acts as a book-end to a journey that began with Honors convocation during your first year in the Honors College.

Each Honors College graduate will be gifted a commemorative Judy Genshaft Honors College medallion, which cannot be purchased at the bookstore.

Have a question about the graduation process, or the ceremony itself? Please view our FAQ list below. If you don't find your answer here, please email

Qualifying For THe Honors GraduatiON Ceremonies

How do I get invited to participate in the Honors graduation ceremony?

In order to be invited to attend a Judy Genshaft Honors College graduation ceremony, you must first be approved to graduate with Honors distinction and have applied for graduation with USF by the appointed deadline for your graduating semester.

What are the requirements to graduate with Honors distinction?

  • Complete the following Honors College forms:
    • Academic Completion Form: List all IDH courses taken. You may turn this in once registered for your final needed IDH course. 
    • (For students entered Spring 2022 or earlier) 1 Community Service Form and 2 Global Experience Forms. 
    • (For students entered Summer 2022 or later) 2 Experiential Learning Forms.
  • Maintain Overall and USF GPAs in good standing with Honors Policies (3.25 or higher), even after your last semester’s final grades.
  • Pass all IDH courses, even after your last semester’s final grades. 
  • Apply for graduation with USF by the appointed deadline for the term.

Can I track my progress towards completing the Honors requirements?

Yes! Students can track their progress and access the necessary forms in the Judy Genshaft Honors College student portal. 

By when should I finish and submit all requirements?

We recommend finishing all requirements/forms prior to your final semester.

I registered late for USF commencement. Can I still get invited to the Honors graduation ceremony?

Yes. Even if you do not wish to participate in the ceremony, please let our records coordinator ( know so we can manually adjust your record. Otherwise, you risk incorrect processing of your student status. 

The Honors Graduation RSVP Form, Medallion, and Ceremony Scripts & Slides:

How do I RSVP for an Honors graduation ceremony?

Once you have fulfilled all your Honors requirements, you will receive an email inviting you to fill out an Honors graduation form. This form is required to reserve your Judy Genshaft Honors College medallion and will include questions that allow you to RSVP for the Honors graduation ceremony. 

Please note that these emails are not sent until at least eight weeks into the semester. If your Honors requirements are fulfilled and approved after that, please allow approximately one week to receive your email invite.

If you haven't received an invitation to fill out the form within the above timelines, please email to verify your Honors graduation status.

Do I have to attend the Honors graduation ceremony?

No. Though encouraged, attendance is not required. If you do not wish to attend, RSVP "no" in the Honors graduation form. This will ensure that a Judy Genshaft Honors College medallion is reserved on your behalf.

When do I receive my medallion?

If you are attending an Honors graduation ceremony, you will receive your medallion there. If you are not attending, you will receive an email with pickup instructions in the days leading up to USF commencement. 

I submitted a photo on the graduation form that I no longer wish to use. Can I change it?

Yes. Prior to your ceremony, you will receive a script and slide for review. Upon reviewing, you will be asked to approve or deny both the script and the slide. If you wish to change your slide photo, deny the slide and make the requested changes using that form.

Can I change one of my responses on the graduation ceremony RSVP form?

We ask that you hold your request for any changes until after receiving your draft script and slide. If any of the information mentioned in the script or on the presentation is no longer accurate, please deny the script or slide and make the requested changes using that form.

the JUDY Genshaft Honors College ceremony:

How long is the ceremony?

Ceremony lengths vary by semester. You can expect a ceremony to last no more than 90 minutes.

How early should I arrive?

Please arrive 30 minutes earlier than your scheduled ceremony time. Be sure to budget time for parking and graduate check-in.

Where is the Honors ceremony held?

Honors graduation ceremonies take place inside of the Judy Genshaft Honors College building on the Tampa campus. Honors students from all three home USF campuses are encouraged to attend. The location and date of the Honors graduation ceremony will also be included with your graduation survey.

How do I check in when I arrive for the ceremony?

The graduates will be required to sign in at the front desk by the doors, while guests may enter and find their seats. Guests will be seated in the audience chairs facing the podium, while graduates take the seats that are alongside the podium and facing the guests. Every graduate will be handed two programs. There is a limited supply, and only the graduates will be given programs. Seats for guests are first-come first-serve. Standing room is available once all seats have been taken.

Where can guests park?


Please use this link to find the best parking spot for you.

Should you need special accommodations for yourself or your guests, please contact us at as soon as possible.

What is the maximum number of guests that I can bring to the ceremony?

The maximum number of guests will be listed in the graduation form. If you wish to change the number of guests you listed in the RSVP form, please email

What should graduates wear?

Please dress in business attire. Caps and gowns are not worn at these ceremonies.

What are we receiving from the Judy Genshaft Honors College?

The Honors College will gift you with a Judy Genshaft Honors College Medallion at the ceremony. This is a medallion earned for graduation from the Honors College. This is often confused with another medallion, which is earned for graduating with a certain GPA and is available for purchase from the USF bookstore (they also call it an Honors medallion). Any other regalia you wish to have you must purchase from the bookstore. We do not give cords, stoles, or cap and gowns.