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Honors Advising

Update: While our office is currently closed for the safety of our students and staff, advisors will be offering remote advising services through Archivum using Microsoft Teams during our normal business hours.

To virtually sign in to speak with an advisor during the hours of 8:00 a.m. - 4:30 p.m., Monday through Thursday, and 8:00 a.m. through 11:30 p.m., on Friday,  please go to Archivum. You can schedule a phone or video appointment for the future, or get in line for virtual drop in advising on the same day. Honors Advisors will not remove AA holds or conduct schedule plans during Drop Ins; make an appointment for those needs.

The Judy Genshaft Honors College offers students an extraordinary undergraduate experience through thought-provoking coursework, engaging activities, and academic advising that meets students where they are and guides them through rewarding experiences that result in a student's ability to tell a story about who they are and what they have to offer future employers.

Honors Student at Advising Appointment


  • Build relationships with students and each other
  • Problem solve and plan for your future
  • Empower students to make the decisions that are right for them
  • Value continuous learning and having fun!

Our values show up in the way we work together, interact with students, and offer support to our colleagues within the College and around campus.


  • Warmth and Openness
    • We like students and want to get to know you. We care about your success.
  • Questions
    • We will ask you questions, and will sometimes answer your questions with more questions. Questions open doors to new ways of thinking and offer new possibilities.
  • Personalized Plans
    • Each student brings a unique set of goals, interests, and experiences to their academic journey. We can help you pull all of those things together into a personalized plan that is less about checking off boxes, and more about creating a meaningful set of experiences that connect and build on each other to help you achieve goals and prepare for your future.


  • Check in With Us
    • We want to know how you're doing to celebrate the good, and work through the challenges. Come see us!
  • Respect our Time
    • We make ourselves available during 30 minute appointments, 5 minute walk in visits, via email and sometimes phone or skype. In addition to advising students, we often carry a few other responsibilities. Please respect our time by making an appointment when you have a list of things to discuss, or by using the walk in time to provide a quick update or ask a quick question.
  • Come Prepared
    • Since your path through college is your own, we rely on you to come prepared to each meeting with some ideas, questions, suggestions, and thoughtful contributions on what you want to accomplish.


Make an appointment to see your Judy Genshaft Honors Advisor by calling (813) 974-3087, stopping by the student assistant desk in our office, or using the Appointment Scheduler to make an appointment online.

A walk-in advisor is on duty every weekday, for quick questions or help. Walk-in advisors will NOT remove AA holds, create four-year academic plans, or conduct graduation checks. Please make an appointment for those conversations. You may see your assigned Judy Genshaft Honors College advisor if you have questions related to your particular major and academic path or for general questions.

If you're not sure who you Honors College advisor is, you can find out who, as well as the answer to various other questions, by using our new virtual assistant.