Campus Partners

Event Submission

We are excited that you are interested in hosting an event for either the First Fifty Days or Week of Welcome!

All event submission forms are hosted on NSC's BullSync page. Please visit this page to find timely information regarding submissions including deadlines, content, etc.

Below are some tips that could help when planning your event:

Events in the Marshall Student Center  (including Crescent Hill, MLK Plaza, and Amphitheater)
If you have not done an event review, please schedule time with Johanna Heule. Failure to successfully complete an event review may result in event not being published in brochure.

Events with food must complete a Food Release Form and submit it to the MSC 4100. Please review the list of pre-approved vendors.

All Other Events
If your event takes place outside the MSC and you are serving anything other than prepackage food, you will need to submit the Event Request Form to ensure you are following USF's health and safety protocols.

If your event happens within in the Campus Recreation facilities, please be sure to reserve, secure, and have all permissions granted by Erika Smith, Events & Student Development Coordinator.

If you have any additional questions, please do not hesitate to contact Michelle Robinson, Assistant Director for New Student Connections.