Board of Trustees

USF System Academics and Campus Environment Advisory Council

The Academics and Campus Environment Advisory Council (ACEAC) is a USF System-wide Council that advises the USF System President and the USF System Provost on what items should be reviewed and/or acted upon by the USF Board of Trustees Academics and Environment Committee (ACE).  Areas of responsibility to develop and/or review USF System initiatives and institutional activities include: 

  1. Faculty Matters:  recruitment and retention; faculty development; promotion, tenure, and post-tenure review; faculty policies and procedures
  2. Enrollment Management:  planning, management integration System-wide; admissions and transfer standards
  3. Academic Support Functions:  Library, Instructional Technology; advising
  4. Student Matters:  student success; housing; judicial; student life; health; security
  5. Policies and Rules
  6. Accreditations: regional institutional; national disciplinary
  7. Diversity and Equal Opportunity:  annual equity report; Title IX compliance
  8. Facilities:  campus master plans; buildings, land acquisition, and utilization; maintenance
  9. Intercollegiate Athletics
  10. International Programs
  11. Performance Based Funding Review
  12. Work Plans
  13. Accountability Reports 

ACEAC will meet a minimum of four times per year, with its meetings aligned with preparation for the meetings of the Board of Trustees ACE Committee.

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 ACEAC Structure & Membership

The Advisory Council may, at its discretion, invite assistance from expertise within or beyond the USF System on particular issues (Academic Accreditation; Planning, Performance, and Accountability; USF System CFO or designee; Dean of Undergraduate Studies; and Dean of USF Libraries).

The ACEAC chair and vice chair will be appointed from the group by the USF System President annually. Staff support shall be provided by the USF System office of the USF System President. 



Senior Vice Provost, USF Tampa/System
Dwayne Smith, Chair

USFSP Faculty Senate President
Ray Aresnault

Vice President, USF World
Roger Brindley

Vice Provost for Strategic Planning
Theresa Chisolm

Facilities Services Director, USFSP
John Dickson

Vice President for Student Affairs & Student Success
Paul Dosal

Vice President, Information & Technology
Sidney Fernandes

USFSM Faculty Senate President
Mike Gillespie

Regional Chancellor, USFSM
Brett Kemker

Director of Facilities Planning, USFSM
Rick Lyttle

Assistant Vice President & Dean of Students
Danielle McDonald

System Faculty Council President
Deanna Michael

Vice Dean, USF Health
Valerie Parisi

Interim Regional Vice Chancellor, USFSP
Dr. Olufunke Fontenot

Consulting Members 

Todd Chavez, Dean, USF Libraries
Cindy DeLuca, Associate Vice President, Innovative Education
Valeria Garcia, Associate Vice President, Decision Support
Paul Atchley, Dean, Undergraduate Studies

Staff Support

Janet O’Shea, Board Operations