Leslie Tod

Lesie Tod

Leslie Tod

I am privileged to work with a team of passionate Academic Advocates, who believe that all our undergraduate students can and will be successful. We welcome you and want to hear about your experience.

I joined Undergraduate Studies in 2013 as the first Academic Advocate. Since then, this office has grown to nine Academic Advocates supporting all our students seeking to complete their first undergraduate degree. We all come from different backgrounds to find our way to working with students. For me, I grew up in the Midwest with five siblings and a large extended family. I moved to Florida when I was 21 to study for my master’s degree at USF and during the 1990's I lived and worked in England. I returned to Florida and USF in 2000 as an adjunct instructor and in 2005 became an academic advisor in my home department of Communication.

In over 30 years of service to students, I have gained a deep respect for the diverse and individual journeys students experience in pursuit of their education. I hear you, I believe you, and I support you.