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SLS3113 Academic Transitions

Critical Thought for Academic Transitions SLS3113 is a discussion-based seminar designed to help transfer students overcome the various challenges associated with transitioning to a new institution. The goal of the course is to facilitate the academic and personal success of transfer students at the University of South Florida.

Each class consists of approximately 25 students and is taught by a caring and committed instructor. The course is built around the themes of managing transitions; acclimation to a research university; development of academic strategies, leadership skills, and communication skills; engagement in critical thinking and inquiry; and implementation of an informed and realistic academic and career plan. This course introduces new transfer students to the mission of the research university and their role, as students, within the community of scholars. Students will explore how to become engaged and contributing members of a scholarly community.

Course topics:

  • Effective strategies to manage academic transitions
  • Understanding the university's organizational complexity, resources, policies, and procedures
  • Developing academic strategies, leadership skills, and communication skills
  • Creating collaborative partnerships with peers and work effectively within a group setting
  • Engaging in critical thinking, inquiry, and analytical writing
  • Examining of the structure of a research university, the process of research, and the nature of academic disciplines
  • Considering of the roles of faculty, students, administrators, and the community in the formation of the political, social, and educational culture of the campus
  • Implementing an informed and realistic academic and career plan

If you are interested in SLS3113 Critical Thought for Academic Transitions, talk with your Academic Advisor about registering for this course. Current course offerings are listed in the Course Schedule Search.