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Exceptions for University Requirements

In the event any student experiences circumstances that prevent them from meeting a university requirement for undergraduate graduation, students may work with their academic advisor to request a wavier or substitution to satisfy the requirement. Reasons for the request often include, but are not limited to, unavailable course options, facilitating timely graduation, utilizing transfer credits to reduce excess credit hours, and supporting accommodations from the office of Students with Disabilities. These exceptions are classified into the following categories:

  • Course substitutions or waivers of FKL or Enhanced General Education requirements
  • Course substitutions or waivers of State Mandated requirements (includes Civics Literacy & required core general education)
  • Course substitutions or waivers of USF requirements as stated in university regulation 3.007 or the undergraduate catalog (includes university residency and upper level credit requirements)

Please keep in mind that any request for exception should be considered as an option of last resort, and every attempt should be made to ensure the student is able to meet all university and program requirements as listed in University policy and the Undergraduate catalog.

Click here to access Online Request for Exceptions form.


Click to see the Request for Exceptions flow chart.

  1. Request for Exception for University Requirements must be made ONLINE via the UGS Qualtrics survey. Step-by-step instructions with screenshots available here.  Any email requests submitted directly to UGS personnel will not be used to render a decision and the sender will be asked to resubmit using the above online form.
    Students are NOT permitted to submit their own exception requests and will receive an error message prompting them to contact an academic advisor if they attempt to do so.

  2. Submitters must enter their contact information and the student’s name plus UID.

  3. Submitters must choose one of three categories listed above for the request. If you believe the request does not fit into any of the available categories, please contact Leslie Tod ( for clarification.

  4. Submitters must include a narrative that states:
    1. The course or requirement being waived or substituted
    2. Why the student is unable to meet the requirement
    3. What course or plan of action is recommended to satisfy to requirement
    4. And any additional information that may help support the request.

  5. All requests must be fully supported with documentation to demonstrate why the recommended course of action benefits the student. If recommending a course substitution, please supply a course syllabus (or at minimum, a detailed course description) for the recommended substitution to provide supporting information for the request, such as: the new course’s learning content/outcomes, textbooks/course materials, assessment or other relevant information. Any request related to a Student with Disabilities accommodation MUST include documentation to verify that need.

    Important: Undergraduate Studies personnel reserve the right to delay or deny any request for lack of appropriate or comprehensive documentation.

    Upon completion, submitters will receive a confirmation email. An additional email will follow to document the Dean’s decision.

    Note: Do NOT reply to these emails as they are sent from a address that is not monitored.


If you experience issues submitting a request, please contact Assistant Dean Kyna Betancourt at