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AFROTC Det 158 is a testing center for the electronic Air Force Officer Qualifying Test (eAFOQT) and the Test of Basic Aviation Skills (TBAS). We coordinate with other recruiters, detachments, and units to provide support to the overall AF mission of commissioning quality leaders. If you are not part of Det 158, our cadets take priority for all testing, which means you maybe bumped if necessary from your registered testing date. Please use the links below to sign up for testing. For more information on testing, contact Lt Col Galliand at

Air Force Officer Qualification Test (AFOQT)

The AFOQT is used to help select candidates for officer commissioning programs and to classify commissioned officers into utilization specialties such as pilot, combat system operators, air battle manager, or technical. AFOQT scores are also used as a quality metric in the integrated officer classification model. Officer candidates with higher Verbal and Quantitative composite scores typically have a greater likelihood of success in university coursework, basic officer training, and technical training.

The AFOQT process is upgrading to electronic AFOQT (eAFOQT).  ALL testers must register for a Pearson Vue account to take the eAFOQT. If you are not currently an AFROTC cadet, you must go to a Pearson Vue test center or 3rd party test center to take this test.  AFROTC cadets may take the eAFOQT at USF AFROTC Det 158 on cadre-designated test dates. Please contact Lt Col Galliand at for more information.

You are permitted two attempts for the AFOQT, at least 90 days apart.  Your results are superscored, which means your highest scores across all attempts become your final scores.  If you do not meet the minimum scores for Verbal (15) and/or Quantitative (10) portions on either attempt, you may get a signed waiver to test a third time, which is also superscored.

  • If you are taking the AFOQT for the second time, you will need to notify the test administrator upon booking your appointment. You must to bring your previous AFOQT score sheet.
  • If this is your third time taking the test you will need to bring your previous AFOQT score printouts and an approval letter from AFPC or AFROTC allowing a second retest.

Test of Basic Aviation Skills (TBAS)

The TBAS measures cognitive, multi-tasking, and psychomotor attributes predictive of success in Air Force pilot (including RPA) training programs. A pilot candidate’s AFOQT Pilot score and FAA certified flying or Aviation Training Device (ATD) hours are combined with the TBAS measurements to formulate a Pilot Candidate Selection Method (PCSM) score. Pilot selection boards receive each candidate’s PCSM composite score on a percentile scale of 1 to 99. PCSM assists pilot selection boards to select candidates most likely to successfully complete undergraduate pilot training.

You are permitted three attempts at least 90 days apart. TBAS scores remain valid indefinitely and are not superscored (so if you do worse on a second or third attempt, that is your new PCSM). To take the TBAS, you should have already taken the AFOQT or EPQT, or your PCSM will not be calculated. Your AFOQT Pilot composite superscore, TBAS, and updated flying hours are used to compute the PCSM score of record.  On the day of your test, please bring with you the following items:

  • Candidate Questionnaire: Fill this out, but DO NOT sign and date it.
  • Flight Log: For those that have completed flying training and have hours flying.
  • Transcript: If you've completed any college your transcript is required.
  • AFOQT Score: Bring a printed copy of all previous AFOQT scores; this includes your ABM score from PCSM.

Dress Code: Wear something comfortable, professional, and appropriate for the setting or you may be asked to leave.
Time: Testing will take about 1.5 - 2 hours, self-paced.
CWY Building on USF
Room 407 
12303 USF Maple Dr.
Tampa, FL 33620

TBAS Scheduling

Enlisted Pilot Qualification Test (EPQT)

This test is for enlisted members interested in applying for Remotely Piloted Aircraft (RPA) jobs. You will take this and your TBAS on the same day, so be prepared for three hours and schedule yourself for both tests. You will need the following items:

Dress Code: Wear something comfortable, professional and appropriate for the setting or you will be asked to leave.
Time: Testing will take about 3 hours, self-paced.
CWY Building on USF
Room 407
12303 USF Maple Dr.
Tampa, FL 33620