Enhanced General Education

Enhanced Gen Ed Faculty Assessment Resources

*NOTE: Courses in the Knowledge Tier will not be required to follow this assessment process until a later date.

Assessment Implementation

The revised Enhanced General Education assessment is intended to be much easier to implement. Every faculty member teaching an Enhanced General Education course must have students upload their approved General Education Assignments (GEAs) into Canvas. The faculty member must use the appropriate standardized General Education Outcomes for the type of general education course they are teaching (i.e., Knowledge, Creative Thinking, Information & Data Literacy, Human & Cultural Diversity, Ethical Reasoning & Civic Engagement, High Impact Practice) to score a random 10% of their students. 

A pdf walk-through of the process with screen shots can be found here.

**Reminder: you are only scoring one of the GEA's with the standardized outcomes. 

Randomization Resources

There are a variety of ways to choose the random 10% of students to score using the Enhanced General Education Outcomes. Below are two suggestions:

  1. Using the Sequence Generator (from Random.org), input "1" as your minimum and the total number of students in your course as the maximum. After clicking "Get Sequence" you will receive a list of numbers in random order. Take the first 10% of that list as the students you should score. You can then take students in the alphabetical order from the grade book, and score the students from your random list. So, for example, if your list is "25, 33, 2, 7" you would be scoring the 25th student in your grade book, the 33rd, the 2nd, and the 7th.
  2.  If you are an Excel user, this tutorial can help you sort your grade book randomly (the link takes you to an external site).