Enhanced General Education

Gen Ed Course Recertification

Recertification Process

  1. The recertification application is contained on Curriculog.
    1. Start the process by logging on to Curriculog
    2. Select “New Proposal.”
    3. Scroll through the different forms until you find the Undergraduate Gen Ed Recertification Form.
    4. To start the recertification process (a new proposal), click on the check mark to the right of the form’s title.
  2. Provide the requested information in the recertification form (proposal).
  3. One piece of requested information is an indication of the semesters in which the required assessment data have been provided. If you do not know when assessment data were submitted, you can find that information by visiting the EGE Data Dashboard
  4. Documents that should be uploaded to Curriculog include:
    1. A master syllabus for the appropriate academic years given in Curriculog. In cases where multiple sections of the course were offered, include at least two syllabi for each academic year that are representative of syllabi used in individual sections.
    2. Copies of the two #GEA assignments used in the course and the grading rubrics used to assess those assignments. If multiple sections were offered, master templates should be submitted for the #GEA assignments and the assessment rubrics.
    3. For each course, representative #GEA assignments completed by students should be submitted. These representative assignments should include at least two assignments that were assessed in each of the following categories: exceeds expectations, satisfactory (meets expectations), and needs improvement (does not meet expectations).

Review Process

The approval of a proposal for recertification is routed through the same channels as a new course proposal submitted for general education certification. It is up to the specific department/school and college to define how this process will be handled in their areas for recertification of an existing general education course.

When evaluating recertification proposals, the General Education Council (GEC) will follow a process similar the one used to certify the course. That is, members of the GEC will be assigned to review each proposal. The comments provided by the reviewers will be discussed with the person who initiated the recertification proposal, or a designee, before the proposal is presented to the entire GEC. If the recertification information/documentation must be revised, the proposer will be asked to amend the proposal. Once all revisions are made and the process is complete, the final version of the recertification proposal will be presented to the entire GEC for approval. The person who initiated the proposal will be invited participate in the meeting in which the GEC considers recertification of the course.


For questions on Curriculog or the proposal itself: UGS-DOCurriculum@usf.edu

For questions on content necessary for recertification: GenEdCouncil@usf.edu