The HIPUR office is committed to fostering innovation and excellence in higher education by equipping faculty with the tools, resources, and support necessary to implement high impact practices (HIPs) in their classrooms and research endeavors. We understand that these practices play a crucial role in promoting active learning, critical thinking, and holistic student development. 

As esteemed members of the USF academic community, we invite you to actively engage with our office and explore a range of impactful opportunities that will elevate your teaching, research, and professional growth. 

Here's how you can connect with us:

  1. Gain a HIP Course Attribute:
    Enhance your courses by incorporating High Impact Practices (HIPs) that enrich student learning and engagement. Our team is here to assist you with the process of gaining the following HIP attributes for your courses: the Global Citizens Project Course (GCPC) attribute and the Undergraduate Research Course (UGR) attribute. 

  2. Showcase Your Research:
    Present your research related to global issues faced by various communities around the world. Share your insights with undergraduate students through the Sustain-a-Bull events series hosted by our office.
  3. Grants for Undergraduate Research Mentorship:
    If you're passionate about mentoring the next generation of researchers, our office offers grants specifically designed to support your mentorship of undergraduate students in research projects. Foster a culture of inquiry and innovation while making a lasting impact on students' academic journeys.
  4. Recognition:
    We understand the importance of recognizing your contributions. Faculty members who actively engage with our office will receive a letter of commendation, which can be used to support applications for promotion and tenure. Your dedication to enhancing student engagement through HIPs is a testament to your commitment to academic excellence.
  5. Support for Your Absences:
    We understand that you occasionally need to be away from your classes due to conferences or personal well-being. Our office provides support by stepping in to take over your class, presenting to your students and informing them about various resources provided to them by our office. This support helps you maintain your commitment to your students without worrying about disruptions.

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Interested in learning more about high-impact practices? Have questions about gaining the UGR or GCPC attribute? Want to learn about applying for a grant or stipend from HIPUR? Book a faculty 1 on 1 consultation to get all of your questions answered and how HIPUR can help you!

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Are you a student and looking to schedule an appointment? Please email ugs-hipur@usf.edu