Faculty Research Mentoring Grants

Applications for the below grants are now closed, since funds have been exauhsted.

The Office of High Impact Practices and Undergraduate Research is committed to promoting and expanding undergraduate research opportunities across USF campuses. To increase undergraduate student participation in research and to contribute to USF’s mission to promote student success and to conduct innovative scholarship, the HIPUR office is launching a new faculty grant to support undergraduate research mentorship.

Faculty Undergraduate Research Mentorship Grant

Faculty may request a stipend of $1200 per student, and may receive an additional $500 per student for a maximum award of 2, 200. Students can work together on the same project, or separatley on different projects. Funding priority will be given to applications
emphasizing direct faculty involvement and continuous student support as opposed to quantity of advising roles. Applications will be evaluated and will be awarded based primarily on the planned undergraduate research mentorship activities.

There are two tracks for this grant:

A) Faculty can recruit student researchers and apply for the grant, or
B) Students can find a mentor: students that are looking for a mentored research experience can direct faculty to more information about the grant.

In both cases the HIPUR office is available to assist with the matchmaking when needed.

Key Consideration

The following types of research experiences will be highly prioritized:

First-Year/Transfer Students Research Experience (HIPs: First-Year Seminar and Experiences, Undergraduate Research)
Aims to facilitate faculty mentorship of first-time researchers that are entering
their sophomore or junior year at USF.

Community-Based Research Experience (HIPs: Service Learning, Undergraduate Research)
Aims to facilitate faculty mentorship of student research conducted inside or
outside the classroom that build on, and enrich community engagement, and
addresses the community needs.

Global Research Experience (HIPs: Global Learning, Undergraduate Research)
 Aims to facilitate faculty mentorship of student research that addresses global
issues affecting local communities at home or across the world.

Interdisciplinary Collaboration (HIPs: Learning Communities, Undergraduate Research)
Aims to facilitate faculty mentorship of student research that addresses issues
through the lenses of different disciplines.

PURE- Project-Based Undergraduate Research Experience- Maymester ($3000)

PUREs provide an avenue to make research experiences available to more undergraduate students. This research experience is designed to engage students through a Maymester project, and it can be adapted to any discipline. Faculty members from any discipline are encouraged to participate.

Key Considerations

➢ The research project could be a part of an assigned coursework that counts towards the completion of a course requirements.
➢ Projects are expected to be conducted during Maymester 2023; May 8th – June 2nd.
➢ Expected number of student participants per project, per faculty: a minimum of three
students and a maximum of twenty students.

Funding Requirements

- All successful faculty applicants are expected to serve as faculty mentors for the involved
undergraduate students, as they will be expected to present at the ONEUSF Undergraduate
Research Conference, or the Summer Art and Interdisciplinary Colloquium (AIR).

- All involved students are expected to submit one page reflection at the conclusion of the
research experience.

Funds Distribution

Funds will be distributed to successful faculty applicants no later than June 30th.