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Research Portal

The Office of High Impact Practices and Undergraduate Research offers faculty an avenue to find undergraduate students through the Undergraduate Research Portal where faculty can advertise their requests for undergraduate students to join their research, manage applications, and select students for research roles. 

The portal matches students and research labs/projects based on student interests, experience, and lab/project needs. If you want to bring in more qualified candidates and find suitable students to work in your research lab, we advise you to add your opportunities to the Undergraduate Research Portal. 

What does the Research Portal do? 

The Research Portal creates a centralized university research platform. It allows faculty members to advertise their research opportunities to students across the university with minimal effort and search through eligible students to work on their projects. Easily access and view data about your research activities in the system. You may also add members to your research group to delegate these processes.  

How does it work? 

Log in and post your lab name, project description, and application deadline on the portal. Faculty can check the registry of students "available for hire," and students can search through the centralized "opportunity board." The portal will be released to students in mid-August, so add your research now to have access to the first batch of student users.  

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