Connect With Students

Advertise Your Research: Students Find You

The Office of High Impact Practices and Undergraduate Research offers faculty an avenue to find undergraduate students through a 'matchmaking' service where faculty can advertise their requests for undergraduate students to join their research.

We recommend a title and a short paragraph that includes these topics:

  • Discipline and details about the research
  • Details about the duties the undergraduate student(s) would perform
  • Required skills, training, or educational background interested students would need to have
  • Required time commitment (hours per week)
  • If relevant: USF campus, project time frame, due dates, or hourly pay (pay is rare)
  • Contact information so students can reach you, and required components of their application
  • If you wish to have such a “help wanted” advertisement posted by our office, please fill out the following form:

Faculty Advertising Form

You can view this matchmaking service and current postings on the Student Undergraduate Research section of our site.

Postings can be removed at any time by contacting us.