Engaging in high-impact educational practices allows faculty to get to know and mentor students in a multidimensional manner. Faculty from all departments are encouraged to help increase students' access to and engagement with high-impact practices (HIPs) by directing them to HIPUR opportunities, and by supporting students through research mentorship and other HIPs. We welcome faculty mentors at all experience levels, and we are ready to assist you in supporting our students.

Research Attribute for courses

If a course will be taught in which ALL students will engage in research, we can arrange to add a Banner attribute to the course that shows research activity. However, this takes place at the "course" level, meaning that all sections of that course must engage in the research, across semesters as well.

If faculty members want to initiate the permitting of multiple students at once into IDS4914, please contact Dr. Melissa Irvin, Assistant Dean in Undergraduate Studies.