Case Competitions


In the competitions, students work on a "live case": a situation facing a company dealing with real-time strategic and/or operating challenges and opportunities. For the in-house competitions, students apply for one of 20-30 slots in the competition. A team of faculty selects the top students from the applicant pool, who then form 4-6 teams of five students each.

Each year there are four competitions.

Benefits for Students

For students, the case competitions offer a unique and personally challenging opportunity to take on a real business challenge in a stressful setting.

Key takeaways

Benefits for Companies

For companies, the competitions bring a fresh outsider's perspective, and also represent an opportunity to observe and potentially recruit some of the best business students in Florida.

Two ways to participate

  1. Faculty at the USF Muma College of Business will prepare a "generic" case study on the company. The students' job in this scenario is to identify the most important issue(s) facing the organization.
  2. Company executive(s) present the specifics of their case to the students at the start of the competition. This allows subject companies to have the student teams focus on any particular strategic or operating issue they desire. This option also allows company representatives an opportunity to interact with the student teams and ensure that the teams focus on the most desirable issue(s) raised in the case.

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