Case Competitions

Undergraduate Competition

The college organized the first Undergraduate Case Competition in 2001; two undergraduate competitions have been held each year (in spring and fall semesters) since then. Open to all students enrolled in the Strategic Management capstone course (GEB 4890), the competition provides students the opportunity to challenge their abilities to analyze and understand an ongoing business, and to make strategic recommendations about how to effectively deal with (including how to pay to for) solutions to the business challenges they have either identified or been told to focus on by the subject company's executives. Participating students can now receive Advanced Undergraduate Research credit.

Competition Date

March 27-28, 2015


The winning team will receive $500 per student.

Competition Application

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Past Case Companies

Spring 2013 Winners

A team of USF Muma College of Business undergraduate seniors won the Spring 2013 College of Business Undergraduate Business Case Competition on the Tampa campus. The subject case company for the competition was Joffrey's Coffee & Tea Company.