Finance Doctoral Program


The doctoral program in the Department of Finance offers an environment for intellectual growth and challenge. The program is designed to develop skills needed to pursue careers at major universities and as researchers in industry and government. Students will work closely with the faculty to produce publishable research. Much of the formal curriculum is devoted to economics and to the examination of theoretical and empirical research considered seminal in the area of finance. Necessarily, the doctoral program is quite theoretical in nature, with heavy emphasis on quantitative methods used in empirical research.

To succeed in this discipline, students need excellent quantitative skills. If you feel your quantitative skills need improvement, you should take refresher courses in statistics and calculus prior to applying/entering the PhD program.

Financial aid in the form of assistantships and fellowships is available to a limited number of students, and includes a tuition waiver. The college also has funds available from the Gaiennie Grant, which is used to fund travel and research (primarily dissertations) for PhD students while they are in residence.

Doctoral Program Handbook

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