Business Foundation Courses

The business foundation courses provide background in several functional areas in order to prepare for more advanced studies. Students who have a recent undergraduate degree or coursework in business may be able to waive some or all of the business foundation courses.

Business Decision Making

Business Measurement

Market Orientation

Required Courses

Advanced core courses are required courses for every MBA student. No exceptions are granted.

Elective Courses

Students will have the opportunity to take five or six graduate level business electives to complete MBA requirements. The elective course selection enables students to develop expertise that is customized to their personal and professional goals and interests. Some students pursue a concentration in supply chain management or sports and entertainment management. Other students select from the areas of study listed below, which are closely related courses that represent advanced study in that area. Other students select a unique combination of business and other college graduate courses to create their own profile of special expertise.



Students who elect to specialize in a specific area will take 3 courses in the area to receive recognition of completion of the specialization earned. Available specializations include: